From my super hardcore underground evil harddrive...

I used to think it was IMPOSSIBLE to get girls.

I don't anymore.

In fact I got too many of them!

You want to get girls?

You wont get them with seduction books.

You wont get them by hollering at honeys at the mall.

Well I will usually have a different chick with me everytime you see me.

People always ask if I have multiple girlfriends.

Nope, I'm just "casual" with them.

Ok, I guess so.. I admit it.

But let me ask you...

How? In a second I will explain how I get the chicks and have them throwing other chicks off balconies to get to you...

Cat fights will be starting all over because of you!

Plenty of time for it.

But you will need to read.

That's all you need to do right now is read the contents of this page and you will know how to MACK.

For now I'll just tell you a simple fact.

If I'm not paying for it, good looking or lucky, then how in the world am I that well off with girls?

Again, you don't even need to leave your house.

You don't even have to leave the comfort of your own computer chair.

I bet you go out to parties and when girls would show up you start talking to them only to have some other dude cockblock you.

You wish you could just meet a beautiful intelligent girl who wasn't completely bat shit crazy one that you can have whenever you want right?

I mean you're probably the type that hates approaching girls at the bar right?

You probably go out and get laid if you are lucky, once a month.

You approach women your friends give you a hard time if you get got shot down and it really is always an EPIC FAIL.

Do you wait until the end of the night?

And end up maybe with a couple female friends, but thats all they would end up being.

Friends zone?

I know YOU see hot chicks at coffee shops, and it would take me all of my courage to go talk to them, but it would always seem awkward and you know there is probably a way but so far from that.

Look in fact, everybody knows about the pick up arts, and how you & every other pathetic nerd has to read ebooks that will just give you bits & pieces of information.

And fill in the blanks.. Mostly figure it out through your own trial and error.

Then you would come across dating guides online and they were totally complicated and you have add so you can't spend more than a couple minutes learning something.

And you just don't get it.

Well this takes 30 seconds once initiated...

Something that allows me to have sex with any woman at will, no matter if she is a doctor of internal medicine or the hottest stripper in Vegas.

This simple difference is almost ironic and it is simply tragic that so many do not live the life they want because of this simple thing that is overlooked.

See talking to girls is a lot like building a road..

and before you can drive on the road you need to clear a path, then you need to mix the cement..

Pour it and let it solidify. then you can take out your new car and drive on it.

I have a little routine, it takes 10 minutes a day, using of all places.

And no, with what you post, you don't get any spam.

I can feel good about my relationships, even if we catch feelings.

You contstantly get to balance the control with this.

Every online dating site I spend time on I end up with a date.

With Amateur match, I rip it up.

With Ok Cupid, I have over 4 dates a week!

So look, let me tell you how I got my start in this arena.

She was my friend's sister. We were kids. I was 16, she was 14.

During our highschool years she dated this other guy until I was 23 and she was 21.

After she broke up with him she started seeing every dude under the sun.

I guess because she felt really oppressed or something.

Anyway, I was scared as hell. She was HOT.

I wasn't used to this, but she enhanced herself or something.

Now she was blond, perfect body and very sexual. It was a dream come true.

Especially since I was coming out of a relationship.

But everytime I tried to give her a little hint, she would give me a hint back... that we were just friends.

Well we became even better friends, and after she started going out with a bodybuilder dude and she saw I was cool and supportive of that, never showing any jealousy...

Well I guess she figured I was a friend that was hard to come by.

Most men would not be able to handle hearing her have sex in the other room without freaking out and wanting to join in.

So after the years and three more boyfriends, every girl around the area knew that my best friend was this hot ass blond.

Do you know what this did for me?

I found out that the whole game was just bullshit.

The whole pick up artist was a bunch of mumbo jumbo.

Here I was, 135 lbs and 6 feet (A step up from a toothpick) I had 2 or 3 girls with me, on my arms at all times.

As we grew up, sex became more and more casual.

I guess this is one of the perks of growing up.

As an adult I guess men and women feel more and more of a need to copulate before their time runs out.

Well this is all we were doing. When we were kids, this would have never happened.

But after years of being around women, I learned all about them. And I started to teach friends and publish my books.

They sold out every time I had them on the racks.

I overtook amazon by storm, and Clickbank made me a top 100 vendor from all the ebooks I was selling.

My students told their friends, and they told their friends, and before I knew it, I was a star pick up artist? LOL

Wow! How did that happen?

This is the new age.

If you know what's good for you, I think you can see why this will work for anyone who wants some definitive, simple techniques to use.

Even though it's all one with phone around here, it will work as a perfect compliment to ANY game you already have going. I promise.

Ill sign on the dotted line.

In fact...

Ill take a freaking lie detector test.

If this doesn't turn you into Brad Pitt and Richard Greico combined, Ill give you $100.00.

Ok maybe I can't legally make that bet but I think you get me.


So when I explain why you aren't getting laid, you promise not to be offended?

Because it may seem simple.. so simple you won;t even take it seriously...

But that's the god darned truth!

It is so simple to pick up girls.

I could have made up some ridiculous story like the PUA gurus and some made up psychological manipulation BS that is creepier than tales from the crypt, but I like to give back.

There wont be any obloviation and $20,000 coaching courses today.

But I guess I found my medium. And anything where I can relax at home and not fear rejection was my playground.

So I really took to online dating like nothing I had tried before.

It was the one thing that works!

Obviously, I started up my profile at a couple sites and I made sure I was different than the other dudes.

At first, it's a little overwhelming because you get a lot of "fake" inquiries and spam.

But when you contact girls, or poke them, you CAN separate them from the bs that comes into your box.

After I solved this problem, I had so many dates, I basically would be leaving one to go to another one!

And all these girls I had never talked to before! It was only through email, and me and my date both went through filters so it's the perfect date everytime!

Then I just made sure that through trial and error I would research to see what replies worked the best!

And after a few months dating on the regular I had a folder filled with resources and swipes.

I understand that I'm getting this $20
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I understand this blueprint covers EVERY STEP of how to approach and suduce women and get laid.

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You ever been on a date and she has more important things to do? Like talk on her phone or text someone?

This is because she doesn't take you seriously.

Trust me. When Im done giving you this one thing she will treat your date serious as a heart attack and it wont take very long to move onto the next portion of the night.

All thanks to this one thing you said in the initial talks.

I let people try this stuff.

when i first realized how this worked people wouldn't believe me, they would just say i was getting lucky. Well, then i was getting lucky a lot.

My basic day is I wake up, I check my inbox and I choose who to date and when.

I message them back and confirm the time and location where we meet.

I don't know if you are looking for a long term thing, or a one night stand, but don't worry, this will give you the leverage for both.

And something else, your friend you want to turn into a lover? Something funny that happens is your friends read your confidence. When you are this successful with girls your female friends are sure to get a little, well.. envious.

And they will start feeling things they have never felt before.

Its happened to me.

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Ill give you the exact steps to use when using Craigslist, occupied, ashley madison, amateur match and more.

They work. Bro, Ive got over 6 years of experience with these sites.

Sometimes you just need a jumpstart, and inherit some darn good tools to get the job done.

Now listen i can go on and on about how awesome this product is but lets be honest..

The only way for you to truly understand you need to take the journey make the change and come with us to the promise land when girls rain from the sky!!!

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